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    Fairground, town-hall, Saint-Lazare area

    This fairground is mentioned on 1823 land registry;
    Later according to a mayor’s project approved in 1854 by the Emperor Napoléon III, it was given its rectangular present shape. Gradually the siding streets were created and settlements appeared around: tree-nurseries, grocer’s shop-bar, ballroom, together with a sawmill activated by a windmill kept working till around 1910.
    A part of that ground still lies a meadow while another part is dedicated to set up fairs.
    In 1901 the mayor M. Bossange had the standing poplars felled down and had 84 plane-trees planted along four lines.
    In 1920, the Cartonneries Martin (cardboard factory) settled on the north side.
    At last, on July 4th 1986, the present town-hall, built on the spot of the former cardboard factory, is opened.
    In 1991, the war memorial is transferred opposite the town-hall and the whole site is given the name Place Charles de Gaulle.

    On the opposite side, along the road D2020, in the 18th C, stood a leper hospital and a chapel. A small statue of Saint-Lazare, standing in a recess on the front of Nr.103, reminds the former leper hospital after which the area is named.