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    Pomme de Pin junction

    For a long time that crossing had gathered many shops of Saint Aubin area, a place overlooked by its church steeple.
    A notarial act done in 1667 already mentions a lease for a wine bar named “La Pomme de Pin”, the name still in use.

    Saint-Aubin hillock had been for the 19th C. and the first half of the 20th C. the place out of which clay had been extracted; the clay was used by three tile and brick factories settled in that very area. As far as
    the 18th C., another one, the “la briqueterie du château”, appears on local maps ; it had been factoring bricks in order to maintain the castle of La Ferté.
    The directorial house of Berthier brick factory and a pigeon house built in the 20th C. are still visible rue de la Tuilerie et rue des Chêneries.
    Many brick decorative elements of the city houses are the witnesses of that prosperous past industry.
    On the outskirts and the surrounding countryside, many brick farms are still showing the name of their owner and the year on which they were built.